Last year, for the second time in my photographers’ live, I acquired a Hasselblad camera. The last one I exchanged for a digital camera! First I shot a whole film just with test exposures and developed it to see the results, which where looking good. So in December I took the camera with me to Berlin. I packed my camera for the trip with a 60mm lens and 5 black and white films from Kodak. The weight of the camera and bag was something to get used to again, as it is about 2,5 kg. But I loved every minute of it. The process is a lot less hurried and more calm, also looking from above at the image was great again. I like loading the film, cocking the shutter and hearing the sound of the mirror going up and down. But most of all I like the mystery again that I don’t know exactly how the photo will come out.

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