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I have been working in the professional photography industry (Rijksmuseum, Amazon.com, etc) for many years, with both mediums, film and digital. Now I was at that point where I could not feel the excitement/creativity anymore. How to find a new way?

I was always attracted to the old big wooden cameras and all the historic photographic processes. So, I decided to find myself a 10”x10” wooden camera and start working with the Wet Plate collodion process. With this I could go back to the very beginning of the photography.

The Wet Plate process is exciting and full of surprises and sometimes disappointments! You only have one prepared Wet Plate and one chance to get it right. You have to think ahead, make the composition, light, time, aperture and it will all come together in one unique magic moment. This magic moment happens sometimes and then a one-of-a-kind photo develops in front of your eye!

I hope you enjoy my WetPlate photography.


Exhibitions Awards

My work is shortlisted for the Hariban Award 2019, hoping to win a 2 week workshop at the Benrido Atelier in Kyoto

6 HONORABLE MENTIONS in the MONOVISIONS PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS 2019, 5 x in the single and 1 x in a serie.
B&W PHOTO CONTEST, by Online Black and White Photography Magazine @monovisions

3 Honorable Mentions in the 13th Pollux Awards 2019.

One Artwork will be exhibited (and for sale) in the new FotoNostrum Gallery in Barcelona.

The exhibition will run from October 7 to October 27, 2019

2 Honorable Mentions in the International Minimalist Photography Awards 2019 in the Fine Art Section. One Artwork will be exhibited (and for sale) in an exclusive show at Silk Road Gallery venue, one of the well-known galleries in Tehran (the Middle East). Starting July 19, 2019

3rd Place in the International Zebra Black and White Awards within the Fine Art Section. June, 2019

4x Nominee, FAPA International Fine Photography Awards April 2019

Finalist in the Siena International Photo Awards (Sipacontest), Siena Italy, June, 2019

2 Honorable Mentions (Section, Professional/FineArt) in the 2018 International MonoChrome Photography Awards, January 2019

My WetPlate image “The Egg House” selected for the Analog Forever’s first online group exhibition. Oct. 2018 US.  Analog Forever Magazine

3 Honorable Mentions (Section: Professional/FineArt/Still Live) in the 2018 International Photography Awards (IPA Awards, New York) Oct. 2018

‘Winner’ in RangeFinder Fine Art photography competition, New York, Aug. 2018

Featured at an exhibition in September at the Fujifilm Wandershop in New York City

4 Honorable Mentions in the category Fine Art from the Monovisions Photography Awards 2018, London UK, Sept. 2018

ARTVITA Exhibition, Santa Barbara, CA, US. Runner-up with WetPlate images, 2018

Honorable Mention Wet Plate Photo Composition 2018, Indianapolis, IN, US. 2018

Nominee 2x, for the 4TH FINE ART PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS, London, UK. April 15, 2018.

Part of a group exhibition “Wunderkammer” in Galerie Sensucht, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. From April 11-May 26, 2018

Opening of my own Gallery and WetPlate studio, ’t Olde Postkantoor in Olst, the Netherlands, Oct. 2017

Interview and publication in magazine ‘Dichterbij’ from the RABO Bank in the Netherlands, Dec. 2017

Honorable Mention for a series of 8 WetPlates in the category Fine Art from the Monovisions Photography Awards 2017, London UK, Oct. 2017

Finalist in the Siena International Photo Awards (Sipacontest), Siena Italy, Oct. 2017

Interview and publication in Regional newspaper ‘de Stentor’ , the Netherlands, Febr. 2017

Interview and publication in magazine ‘Art Reveal”, jan. 2017

Interview and publication in Regional newspaper ‘de Stentor’, the Netherlands, Sept. 2016

Part of a Group Exhibition, Analog Mania 2015, Romania, Nov. 2015

Group Exhibition and publication with Halation Magazine, Salvo Art Project, USA, Oct. 2015

Solo Exhibition within the Revela-T Analogue Festival, Barcelona Spain, June 2015,

TV interview with Spanish TV during the Analogue Festival.

‘When Analogue meets Digital’, Solo Exhibition in Art Cafe SamSam, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, Sept/Oct 2014

Interview with James Scully from US Blogsite ‘the Wallbreakers’, New York USA, June 2014



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